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The origins of wristwatches

Wilsdorf and Davis Ltd, was just Cheap Rolex Watches one watch making company that thrived during this period of time. In 1905 the company where founded, to be renamed, later as Rolex Watch Company in 1915. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder, as well as the Director of the company, was a strong supporter and component of wristwatches.

While others made fun and scoffed at them, Wilsdorf continued to believe in them, experimenting with their accuracy and reliability. In fact, many people believe that Wilsdorf did more for the advancement of wristwatches than anyone else, throughout the history of the wristwatch. Wilsdorf is credited with sending the first batch of watches to the Neuchatel Observatory, Switzerland, for accuracy testing. Naturally, they all passed the rigorous tests, which encouraged Wilsdorf to continue to push his wristwatches even further.

As time passed, Rolex received the very first Chronometer Awards from the school of Horology in Bienne [1910]. Rolex also received the A Certificate of Precision from the Kew Observatory in England [1914]. Right up to the present day, Rolex watches continue to receive more Chronometer Certificates, from the Officiel Suisse des Chronometres [COSC, then every other watch company in the world, combined.

After the War many soldiers returned home with their souvenir watches [named after the warfare, in which they had been used]. When war heroes were seen wearing the watches it changed the public perception of wristwatches. And so, the mass production of wristwatches began. They were no longer looked upon as After all, no one would have dared to say such things to those brave men who had fought so gallantly, and with bravery.

After the Great War, there were many advancements to wristwatches Fake Rolex GMT For Sale as a whole. People began to see many improvements to the watches. Case makers such as Francis Baumgartner, Borgel and

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